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Refractive Surgery

Vision correction by laser or surgery is possible with Cornea Consultants of Texas. Your doctor will perform a full evaluation with tests to asses your options. Ask your doctor if you are a candidate!

LASIK laser vision


Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis is a laser procedure in which a flap of the cornea is created and laser is performed on the inner cornea. Then the flap is replaced after the treatment.


For some patients, photorefractive keratectomy is an ideal option in which the surface layer of the cornea is removed and laser is applied to the remaining cornea.  A bandage contact lens is placed and the corneal surface cells then heal over time.

refractive lens exchange intraocular lens

Refractive Clear Lens Exchange

For those patients who are not a candidate for laser vision correction by LASIK or PRK, the natural lens of the eye can be removed and replaced with an artificial lens, ie early cataract surgery.

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