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PhotoRefractive Keratectomy (PRK)

PhotoRefractive Keratectomy (PRK)

Laser vision correction is an exciting procedure that can eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses.  Most cases are performed as LASIK, where a flap is created in the cornea.  Some patients cannot have laser vision correction if a flap has to be created (the cornea may be too thin, there may be mild scarring on the corneal surface, prior surgery incisions may be at risk, or the eyes may be at risk of worsening dryness).  PRK (PhotoRefractive Keratectomy) is an option for these patients.  Unlike LASIK, PRK is performed on the corneal surface, not under a flap. 

The procedure is performed by removing the surface epithelium manually or with a mechanical brush.  The surface is smoothed and the excismer laser is used to performing the laser vision correction treatment, precisely used to reshape the cornea based on thorough testing and wavefront technology (like a fingerprint of your eye).  As there is no flap to protect the nerves and healing cells, a bandage contact lens is placed on the cornea surface and left in place for several days.  Drops are used to prevent infection and treat inflammation.
PRK and LASIK is not safe for everyone, and a thorough and careful evaluation is imperative to rule-out issues that may worsen after laser vision correction.  Specific concerns are dry-eye and keratoconus.  Discussion about distance and near vision, glare and halos, and your vision goals, is imperative to exceeding your expectations.  With her specialty expertise, years of experience, and fellowship training, Dr. Koreishi and Dr. Ple-plakon look forward to helping you reach your goals of unaided clear vision in a safe and caring environment.

As cornea specialists in DFW, Dallas-Fort Worth, Dr. Koreishi and Dr. Ple-plakon strive to provide the best cornea care, availability, and patient education. Now open Plano Cornea.

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