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Billing and Financing Policy

Cornea Consultants of Texas has a billing staff available to assist you with your billing and financial questions or concerns.  The billing staff is available during normal office hours, 8am – 5pm Monday through Friday.  To contact the billing department, please dial the main numbers and choose the billing department option: Arlington (817) 987-1248, Fort Worth (817) 529-3100, or Plano 469-246-1824
Cornea Consultants of Texas accepts many insurance plans.



Cornea Consultants of Texas will submit all insurance claims (medicare, primary and secondary if needed) for you as long as you provide all the required information. Required information includes, but is not limited to:
  • A current, valid copy of your insurance card.
  • An address and phone number to submit claims and verify coverage.
Co-Payments, as well as prior balances if applicable, will be collected at the time of your appointment. For your convenience, Cornea Consultants of Texas accepts cash, check, Visa, Mastercard and American Express payments.
Patients will receive a monthly itemized statement of all charges and payments. Any costs not covered by insurance are the patient's responsibility and must be paid within 20 days of receipt.

NOTE: If Medicare is your only insurance, a co-payment will be collected at the time of the office visit. If we do not participate with your insurance, payment will be collected at the time of the office visit.


Cornea Consultants of Texas submits to all insurance carriers including all out of network providers. We request that patients bring their health plan cards with them to appointments.

NOTE: If a referral is required by your insurance carrier, it must be provided at time of service. Referrals must be obtained from your referring Physician.

As cornea specialists in DFW, Dallas-Fort Worth, Dr. Koreishi and Dr. Ple-plakon strive to provide the best cornea care, availability, and patient education. Now open Plano Cornea.


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