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A pterygium is a benign, fleshy growth of the conjunctiva (clear skin layer of the eye) that grows onto the clear cornea. It may be small, causing no symptoms. As it grows, a pterygium can cause irritation, redness, irregular astigmatism (change in the curvature of the cornea), and ultimately decreased vision. Occasionally pterygiums may be quite severe, depositing scar tissue into the cornea and causing severe loss of vision. 
A pterygium occurs more commonly in people who have had significant sunlight (UV rays) exposure over time (spending time outdoors, especially in sunny climates).  Other environmental factors such as chronic eye irritation from dry, dusty conditions can lead to pterygium growth. Wearing UV protective eyewear helps prevent pterygium formation, growth and recurrence. 
Treatment for a pterygium depends on the severity. In mild cases, the redness and irritation can be minimized with lubricating eye drops. As progression and blurred vision occurs, surgical intervention is warranted. 

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