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Dry eye (keratitis sicca) is the term for eyes that are insufficiently moisturized, either because they do not produce enough tears or because the tears have an improper chemical composition. It often occurs during the natural aging process, but it can also develop as the result of eyelid or blinking problems, certain medications (antihistamines, oral contraceptives, antidepressants), climate (humidity, wind, dust), injury and various health problems (arthritis, Sjögren's syndrome).

In addition to being uncomfortable, dry eye can damage eye tissue, scar the cornea and impair vision. Dry eye is not preventable, but it can be controlled before harm is done to the eyes. Regular eye exams can detect dry eye early, even before symptoms become noticeable. Symptoms include:
  • Irritated, scratchy, dry, uncomfortable or red eyes.
  • A burning sensation or feeling of something foreign in the eye.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Excessive mucus or stickiness in the eyes.
Treatment for dry eye can take many forms. Non-surgical methods include increasing humidity at home or work and use of frequent artificial tear drops or lubricating ointments. Oral forms of vitamin C and flaxseed oil have also shown to be beneficial. If these methods fail, small soft silicone plugs called punctal plugs may be inserted into the tear ducts in the corners of the eyes to limit their drainage. Alternatively, the opening of the tear ducts can be surgically closed. Both of these methods help to maintain more of the tear moisture on the surface of the eye. 

Each patient's eye is different. The description above may not apply to every individual situation. Your doctor will perform a full evaluation and discuss her findings thoroughly. A treatment regimen will be planned and re-evaluated throughout follow-up visits. Please contact your doctor if you feel you have dry eyes or if you have any concerns or questions regarding your ocular health. 

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