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Secondary Lens Implant

Dr. Koreishi and Dr. Ple-plakon are extremely experienced in the advanced surgical techniques of intraocular lens (IOL) suturing.  Patients who have had intraoperative complications due to a difficult surgery or advanced cataract, and patients who have postoperative complications of a dislcoated lens, will benefit from a new sutured IOL
  • Aphakia or no intraocular lens.  If complications occur that do not allow a surgeon to place an intraocular lens, the eye will be left without a lens. Our doctors can place a secondary lens, suturing it in position, if the natural support structures are weak or damaged. 
  • Dislocated intraocular lens.  If a previously placed intraocular lens becomes dislodged from trauma or spontaneously, our doctors can suture a new lens in position.

Each patient's eye is different. The description above may not apply to every individual situation. Your doctor will perform a full evaluation and discuss her findings thoroughly. A treatment regimen will be planned and re-evaluated throughout follow-up visits. Please contact your doctor if you feel you have a complication or if you have any concerns or questions regarding your ocular health. 

As cornea specialists in DFW, Dallas-Fort Worth, Dr. Koreishi and Dr. Ple-plakon strive to provide the best cornea care, availability, and patient education. Now open Plano Cornea.

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