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Cornea Consultants of Texas

ARLINGTON OFFICE                         FORT WORTH OFFICE                    PLANO OFFICE
707 N. Fielder Rd.                               3455 Locke Avenue.                        4825 Alliance Blvd 
Suite B-1                                             Suite 220                                         Suite 100
Arlington, TX 76012                            Fort Worth, TX 76107                      Plano, TX 75093
Phone: 817-987-1248                         Phone: 817-529-3100                    Phone: 469-246-1824
Fax: 817-987-2475                             Fax: 817-529-3101                         Fax: 469-246-1826

Please note:  This email contact is for non-urgent, non-medical communication. If you have a medical concern, please call the office and speak with a technician (doctor's assistant). To make an appointment, please call the office directly. Thank you.

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707 N. Fielder Road, Suite B-1, Arlington, TX 76012  |  Tel: 817-987-1248
3455 Locke Ave, Ste 220, Fort Worth, TX 76107  |  Tel: 817-529-3100
4825 Alliance Blvd, Suite 100, Plano, TX 75093  |  Tel: 469-246-1824

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Make an Appointment Arlington: 817-987-1248
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